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Our Story

Let's Go Surf School

Let's Go Surf School is a family owned and operated business founded by Carlos Zavala who has been surfing for 38 years. In 2020 after Covid closed his entertainment business, it was time to pivot and follow his other life passion for surfing.  During the pandemic lockdown a few parents of his daughter's friends asked if he would teach their kids to surf.  Two kids turned into 20 kids and the school has blossomed into a fantastic service with patient and dedicated instructors.  With his past experience as an international student tour operator, working with thousands of students traveling for Summer Grad and Spring Break destinations, the surf school was a natural transition to working with groups of kids and travelers again. Having surfed all over the world, including trips all throughout Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and Australia has given him the insight and wave knowledge to help you reach your surfing goals.

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Our Instructors


Carlos Zavala

Owner and Chief Instructor

Carlos has been surfing for 38 years and is an experienced international student tour operator.  Having surfed all over the world including trips to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and Australia, he's patient and dedicated to helping you reach your surfing goals.


Jason Perez

Lead Instructor

Jason has been surfing this area for over 35 years. He has a great appreciation for the ocean and the sport of surfing. JP has surfed all over the world and enjoys sharing his knowledge. Whatever you're after in your surfing quest, JP is a great resource to get you where you want to be.

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Rod Mendenhall


Rod was raised in Huntington Beach and has been surfing since he was 12.  From Baja Mexico through all of California to Central Oregon and two Hawaiian Islands, Rod knows how to read the ocean.  He has also worked in the scuba diving industry on Maui.  He will get you up and riding in no time.


Ryan Harris


Ryan is our OG instructor.  He's been with Let's Go Surf School since day one.  He grew up surfing Hunting Beach and was a member of his high school surf team. Ryan currently goes to school in Hawaii and has taken his surfing to the next level.  He's kind, patient and an awesome surfer.  A positive energy to be around and we're so happy to have him on our team.  


Hunter Giron


Hunter learned to surf Bolsa Chica with his dad when he was young.  He has been a surf instructor for four years and really knows this beach break.  He loves the sea and his community and hopes you will too.


Michael Nagle


Michael has lived and surfed in Hunting Beach for 25 plus years. He's also lived on the island of Maui for 10 years and taught surf lessons when it was just getting started. He loves to teach about the ocean and respecting its awesomeness!


Grace Barry


Grace was born and raised surfing in Redondo Beach, CA. She cares deeply for the ocean and the environment and hopes to pass that respect and love onto everyone. She's patient and passionate enough to make sure you leave the beach gaining a love for surfing and it's beautiful lifestyle. 


Lance Wallick


 Lance has been surfing for well over 20 years. He finds the ocean to be his Spiritual sanctuary and tries to be in it as often as possible. He's studied marine biology and oceanography at Oxnard College and continue to learn as much as he can about our amazing oceans. 

Our Clients

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